Monday, March 21, 2011

Dawn-Apparition [Sweden]


Demo, Self-Released
December 30th, 1992    
Produced by Dawn
Engineered by Dan Swanö
Assistent Engineer Kaj Avila
Recorded in at Gory Sound studios, 30/12 1992

All music composed by Fredrik Söderberg
Arrangements by Fredrik Söderberg and Dawn

Logo by Anders Andrésson
Artwork by Michael Munkholm 

Track List:

01.-In The Depths Of My Soul 04:46 
02.-Incantation Of Unholyness 04:56 
03.-Spawn Of Evil 05:48 
04.-Thirst Of The Dead 04:44 

Total Playing Time 20:14

Death Metal!

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Pan.Thy.Monium-...Dawn [Sweden]


Demo, Independent
July 1990  
Recorded at MAPS Studios in July 1990 

Track List:

01.-Dauwhnn 03:45 
02.-Zenotaffph 03:14 
03.-Klievieage 02:57 
04.-Ekkhoeece 00:44 

Total Playing Time 10:40

Progressive Death Metal!

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Carnage- Infestation Of Evil [Sweden]

Infestation Of Evil

Demo, Self Released
November 1989     

- Xeroxed onto grey paper
- Demo was recorded onto regular studio tapes

Johan Liiva (Axelsson) : Vocals
Michael Amott : Guitars
Johnny Dordevic : Bass
Fred Estby : Drums

This band also released a special promotional copy of this demo that has a slightly different cover.

Track List:

01.-Torn Apart 04:46 
02.-Infestation of Evil 04:55 

Total Playing Time 09:41

Death Metal!

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Carnage -The Day Man Lost [Sweden]

The Day Man Lost...

Demo, Self Released
January 1989         

- Regular xerox covers
- Recorded onto black studio tapes

Johan Liiva (Axelsson) : Vocals & Bass
Michael Amott : Guitars
Jeppe Larsson : Drums

''Crime Against Humanity'' & ''The Day Man Lost'' were re-recorded together as one song retitled ''Gentle Exhuming'' for Dark Recollections

Johnny Dordevic was credited for the bass tracks, but like on the full length never recorded them. On this demo Johan was the bassist.

Track List:

01.-Crime Against Humanity 01:51      
02.-Aftermath 01:23          
03.-The Day Man Lost 01:22

Total Playing Time 04:36

Death Metal!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Grotesque-In The Embrace Of Evil [Sweden]

In The Embrace Of Evil

Best Of / Compilation, Black Sun Records
BS 007

Tracks 2, 3, 7, 8 and 9 are remixed songs taken from the "Incantation" EP.

Tracks 1, 4, 5, and 6 are remastered songs from the "In the Embrace of Evil"
demo (which was never released).

Tracks 10 and 11 were recorded by Thomas Lindberg, Alf Svensson and Kristian
Wahlin in 1996 specially for this release (the band split up five years ago).

A very rare digipack version is available with gate-way fold out.

Also re-released as a split with At the Gates' Gardens of Grief EP.

Track List:

01.-Thirteen Bells Of Doom 02:25         
02.-Blood Runs From The Altar 04:25
03.-Submit To Death 03:28
04.-Fall Into Decay 04:47
05.-Seven Gates 02:03
06.-Angels Blood 07:37
07.-Nocturnal Blasphemies 04:37
08.-Spawn Of Azathoth 02:38
09.-Incantation 07:21
10.-Church Of The Pentagram 05:25
11.-Ripped From The Cross 04:15

Total Playing Time 49:01

Death / Black Metal!

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